Reproduction, Replica British Tax Discs for Classic Vehicles


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Reproduction GB Tax Discs (all years 1921-2015)

We are the country's leading (and cheapest) supplier of reproduction tax discs for classic vehicles.

We are also the only supplier who will change the issuing stamp to your vehicle's date of original registration and issuing office.

* Post 1960 discs can expire at the end of any month

* We will supply blank or completed with vehicle details

* With a clear issuing stamp (not an unreadable blur)

* With two spare discs as backup

* Sent on approval - no need to pay until seen

* Lifetime free replacement guarantee against fading, water damage, loss etc.

* The other main supplier does not offer any of these   features and will also charge you more than twice as much!

We also sell the full range of Halcyon traditional motorcycle/open car/tractor tax disc holders


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