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ordering your discs

What you get if you order reproduction tax discs You will receive three discs, so there will be two in reserve as backup, as well as a lifetime free replacement guarantee for fading, water damage, loss, theft etc. + an information pack detailing the history of tax discs, examples of completed discs and lists of historic duty rates
How to order tax discs and/or holders

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By email to greg@poplargreg.com  (this is preferred). I always acknowledge emails, so if you don't have a reply within 24 hours, I didn't get it (or my reply was lost!)

Or by telephone to  07710 267336 Mon-Fri 10.00-6.00 only

If I am not available on the phone, please try again later or leave a message. 

There is no need to pay up front.  I will post to you first class with an invoice (7 day return policy)

You may also order by post to

Greg Powell, 24 Elgar Avenue, Hampton Park, Hereford


I only charge 7 GB pounds + post for three discs of the same year (so you have two as a back-up), or 11 GB pounds + post if you require the issuing stamp stamp changed to a specific town or county, rather than taking the one last used.  You won't find a better deal anywhere!

You may also order period motorcycle tax discs holders from this site.  View on disc holders

What I need to know


The year and date you would like on the issuing stamp (date of registration), as well as the month of expiry (post 1960 discs).

If you want the issuing stamp changed - the issuing office or area

If you want me to fill in the details - registration number, make, type of vehicle as well


How to pay


By Paypal to greg@poplargreg.com , by cheque (payable to Greg Powell), cash or overseas notes.  I am happy to post you the discs with an invoice - pay on receipt, seven day return policy.

If using Paypal, you can send me all the information I need in the Paypal message box, otherwise email or ebay message.